Samorost2 - Award Winning Point - Click Flash Game

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Found this little point-and-click gem via Australian Centre for The Moving Image (ACMI)'s Best of the Independent Games Festival Exhibition 2007. Not sure why I'm suddenly into Flash games and point-n-click adventures recently, but I guess it's probably the lack of time for full fledged games these days:(

Samorost 2 (Winner for Best Web Browser Game, Nominee for Excellence in Visual Art at The 9th Annual IGF) was designed by Czech design studio Amanita Design and can be played for free (Chapter I at least) on the official site at

In this game, a space gnome (which looks nothing like the common gnome as far as I know) must travel to another planet to rescue his pet dog from its alien abductors. The scenes in the game look like be a mixture of heavily-edited real-life photos melded seamlessly with fantastic illustrations, which makes the places in the game look like a fantasy version of a real place (not sure I'm making any sense here...)
Some screen captures from the game.


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Mohamed said...

Nice game :)

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