IStockPhoto V.S Stock.xchng ... who will win? you decide

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

The Main Idea of Graphic Design Is to create a New image that has great inflict on the eye this step needs Good Design, concept, nice idea & most of all Great STOCK IMAGES... and this is hard to find all the time you're searching for it where to get free nice images with hight resolution that can work out with printing material without charging you 50 $ per images or some sites maybe more we have here 2 sites for example Stock.xchng which offers free hight resolution images for users and by users and also we have IStock who offers photos with prices beginning 10$ ending 50 $ so who would you prefer .. a professional photo to use directly or a photo that you have to work on for 1 hour to photo manipulate it to get a good result?..the answer will be yours please reply to this question as we need to know what you think .. your opinion matters...


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Garik said...

iStock is getting very arrogant !

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