Custom iGoogle Skins v2.0

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Version 2.0 of Custom iGoogle Skins has been released! The new version features skin scheduling and hidden mode. The previous version (v1.5) of the gadget is also still available but the URL has changed so if you want the previous version you can use this link. For the new version, use this convenient button...Add to Google

Things have come a long way since version 1 was released back in the Summer. This latest release has had a major code overhaul including a number of bug fixes and further optimizations.

Skin Rules

The new skin scheduling tab enables you two choose which skin to use under which conditions and integrates with other gadgets on your iGoogle page. E.g. you might choose to use the British Summer skin if the forecast as shown by the Google Weather gadget is set to rain or you could use the official theme, City if you are connected to your work network.
You can now also run the gadget in hidden mode, freeing up space on your page.

Hidden mode

Another option has been adding enabling you to control the official iGoogle themes - without having to reload the page.
Thanks to FamFamFam for the great icons.
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This little gadget will also permit a different skin per tab - and thankfully no more reloading the page when switching skins. Works in IE and FF. This gadget has been featured on Digg and Lifehacker and my server only just kept up under the massive load....
UPDATE: New Feeling Lucky? skin introduces Flickr API integration - read more about this skin
UPDATE: v2.0 brings skin rules, hidden mode, official iGoogle themes, sort by name, lots of refactoring & bug fixes
UPDATE: Skins filter!
UPDATE: Performance enhancements!
UPDATE: Configurable tabs!
UPDATE: A scrollbar!
UPDATE: Order skins by either most recent or most popular!

Google Groups

Custom iGoogle Skins
The gadget features three main tabs; a skins directory which mimics the built-in iGoogle theme selector, a tab with details of how to create and upload skins and a skins submission form. Unlike many other gadgets, this one relies on a server side component to retrieve a list of available skins from the database in JSON format and also to validate and insert new skins submissions.
Future version will replace the instructions with a built in skins editor which will modify the iGoogle CSS on the fly. This will make skin creation even easier.
Custom iGoogle Skins also introduces a test mode. A gadget CSS skin can be specified via the gadget's settings pane and this enables developers to edit skins up until they are ready to be submitted to the directory.
Check out the ever-increasing selection of skin screenshots.

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