6 Most wanted web 2.0 fonts Free

Monday, March 17, 2008

What font to be used for your blog web 2.0 logo is? Perhaps you'll choose some elegant fonts. But not all elegant fonts are distributed freely. It is suggested to use simple, cool, and elegant fonts for your logo to make it more simplified web 2.0 ready. Some of them are Arial, Georgia, Verdana, Trebuchet MS & Co. as well as Calibri, Cambria, Candara, Constantia and Corbel, they are automatically - almost - included in your system. Of course they are other fonts out there you can download free. Below are picked up 6 selected free web 2.0 fonts with extremely cool, trendy, excellent design and typography. Those are most wanted web 2.0 free to use fonts.

Delicious Exotic Font

delicious free web 2.0 font

This exotic font is available for download at this location. Named Delicious, better to be used with more character spacing. The Delicious italic is not a slanted roman, but a true italic. Serif, Mac / PC. It makes your logo more slight creative in shape, simplicity in your blog soul. Download this Delicious cool font from our linked mirror in the bottom of this post.

Diavlo Stable Font


Very simple but elegance. That is way this font really be most wanted by font hunters. You can download it or visit the information and documentation here.

Fertigo Smooth Font

Fertigo fonts

Create a bit creamy and juicy logo with this Fertigo font. Best of all its is free to download and to use.

Gentium basic font

gentium basic font

Basically this font is very capable to conquare your blog contents. Simplicity roman and slightly elegant typing. Not so suggested for blog logo, but it is fine to use inside your main contents.

Pigiarniq Font


You can taste the feel of web 2.0 font in using logo made by this Pigiarniq font. In such strange way, this font could be like sans-serif family. But it is not, and it is standing still as another web 2.0 free font.

Qlassik Web 2.0 font


Using Qlassik doesn't mean to be classically layout. Qlassik is not a classic font. It has brand new kind of webish 2.0 when you use it correctly. More square and sharp a bit. Designed with excellent typography and wonderful art.

Above are some picked up free web 2.0 fonts. They give more precisly web 2.0 soul inside your blog design. As it is said to be free, than it is really free to download below. Just don't hesitate to click it.

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