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Wednesday, March 26, 2008


This tutorial will teach you how to create creative and stylish fire lines in 10 easy steps. 这个教程将教你如何创造创意和时尚的防火线,在10个简单的步骤。


For this tutorial your going to need a good stock photo lined up.本教程你将需要一个好的素材列队。 Something with action...and preferably dark (this effect works much better in a dark setting)一些与行动… …最好是深色(大意工程好得多,在一个黑暗的环境中)


Open the stock photo, then go to the paths tab and click create new path (A) .开放式股票照片,然后前往路径标签并点击创建新的路径(一) 。
Press "P" on the keyboard to select the pen tool, Get a basic idea of where the fire is going.按下" P "字上键盘选择钢笔工具,得到一个基本的理念在哪里,火是此案。 Keep in mind dimension and action.请记住维和行动。 Swirls do wonders!涡旋奇迹!


03 03年

A. Click to start your path答:点击开始,你的路径
B. Click your next point, hold and drag to create a bezier spline path, which is necessary to create flowing lines乙按一下你的下一个点,保持并拖动创建一个贝塞尔样条路径,这就是要营造流线
C. Continue doing this, following the idea of where you want the fire to go.三,继续这样做,以下的想法想要进行消防路要走。
Dont worry about getting it right the first time as you can change the spline at any time...another little tip - if you press press and hold ctrl while using the pen tool you can temporarily access the direct selection tool which will allow you to edit the spline (a big time saver)不用担心得到正确的第一时间,因为你可以改变样条在任何时候...另一个小秘诀-如果你按下按下并保持按C trl的同时,用钢笔工具,你可以暂时获得了直接选择工具,它可以让你编辑样条(一大节省时间)



And get something like what i have remember that your only going to use the parts of ur path that aren't behind the object your pathing this case the models arms, and legs.最终, … …你会得到一些像我下面....现在还记得你只打算使用的部分,乌尔路,是不是背后的物体你pathing沿....在这种情况下,该型号武器,和腿部为然。 So dont worry about making the hidden parts pretty.所以不用担心,使隐藏的部分,漂亮。



A. Now you want to select a soft round brush (i used a 5 pixel brush here) and pick an orange color.答:现在,你要选择一个软轮刷(我用了5像素刷这里)和扒窃的橙黄色。
B. Make a new layer and name it FIRE (I have mine named The Amazing Shoelace)乙作出新的一层,并命名火警(我有我的名字了惊人的鞋带)
C. Go back to the paths tab and select stroke path with brush.长回去了路子,功能表,并选择中风道路刷。



You should immediately see the stroked path.你就应该立刻看到轻抚路径。
On mine you'll see parts that weren't originally pathed that are now there.对矿山,你会看到部分原本并非pathed说,现在有。 Those give the fire the illusion that it is moving, and were accomplished by simply grabbing the clone stamp tool - using a spatter brush and cloning/stamping....wala!那些给火灾的幻想,这是感动的,并分别完成了由单纯抓克隆集邮工具-用飞溅刷及克隆/ s tamping....wala!

07 07年

Erase the parts behind the legs/arms or whatever it is your paths follows.抹掉部分后面的腿/武器或是别的什么东西,是你的路径如下。


Right click on the FIRE layer and select blending options.右击对火灾层,并选择配煤方案。
Use these options/values for the exact product i got...but your free to play with them, (thats how i discovered this technique) you might end up with something better!使用这些选项/值为精确的产品给我的… …但你的自由和他们一起玩, ( thats如何,我发现这一技术) ,你可能在最后好的东西!



Duplicate the FIRE layer, and set the layer mode to OVERLAY重复防火层,并设置层模式叠加
Click the eye next to inner shadow and inner glow on the duplicate layer to deactivate them.点击眼睛明年内阴影与内辉光就重复层即可关闭。


10 10个

Now double click on outer glow on the duplicate and change the values to this.现在双击外辉光对重复和变化值到这一点。


Spend a little time, and you can make something like what i have below...多花一点时间,而且可以使一些想什么,我下面...
For added coolness, duplicate the FIRE layer again, and filter>distort> with the opacity levels, and play with the blending modes, particularily OVERLAY.为补充,冷静,也重复防火层,并过滤>扭曲>波浪....发挥与不透明层次,并发挥与交融的模式,特别是套印。
Good luck!祝您好运!

Click here for the forum's version of this tutorial so you can post comments, share your result, and get help/answers if you're stuck 点击这里为论坛的版本,此教程,让您可以发表评论,分享您的结果,并得到一些帮助/答案,如果你坚持

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