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Thursday, July 24, 2008

My name is Alon Chou, I am from Taiwan. I graduated from National Taiwan University of Arts, I worked in a game studio, mainly working on low-poly 3D modeling. Since I was still very attached to 2D illustration, I decided to leave the job and focus on drawing as a 2D artist. I am now working as a freelancer, and I do illustrations, character designs and scenery designs for games and animation films.

Drawing to me is like a single frame of a movie, it is dramatic, and should be something simple and easy to understand without difficult theories. A drawing should be a complete presentation of plot, emotion, the interaction, background, the space relation, the lights and shadows, the atmosphere, etc. I would like to include all these elements into my drawings, and make it better.
I am glad for sharing my thoughts here. Thank you everybody!

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