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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

This artist is something else... Aha, a digital Dali was my first reaction... but then George Grie is not a new Dali he's George Grie. Outstanding work, nothing more to say about that! Well, one more thing: he must have a monster image library coz I coulden't detect any use of dupies...

George Grie (born May 14, 1962) is a Canadian digital neo-surrealist artist. He is well known for numerous modern surrealism, 3D, 2D, and photomanipulation images.
George Grie graduated from the State University in 1985 with a BFA(Hons) (Bachelor of Fine Arts) and BDes(Hons) (Bachelor of Design). Born in USSR during the Soviet Union Regime he did not adopt traditional and politically correct socialistic realism art style, but chose instead to follow the more controversial, difficult, and demanding path of innovative neosurrealism painting and graphic. The result of his endeavors during his relatively short fine-art painting career (1985-1998) has brought a considerable measure of success with his numerous neo-surrealist & fantasy art shows in several European capitals as London (Mistral gallery), Stockholm (Artnova gallery), Saint-Petersburg (Cinema House gallery), and Helsinki (Artson gallery) etc. Grie's paintings are concerned with the portrayal of strong and powerful images relying on visual impact. They are about capturing visual paradoxes, sometimes they depict calm and contemplative moments, solitude, and sometimes melancholy. There is a stillness in his themes, which conveys a sense of inner-reflection and self-observation. Grie's use of a photo realistic painting technique gives a stark contrast between the light source and the often-dark tonality found in his early paintings.

Artist indicates that his artistic style has been heavily influenced by famous surrealists Rene Magritte, Salvador Dalí, fantastic realists, Zdzislaw Beksinski, Wojciech Siudmak, and surreal photo manipulation artist Jerry Uelsmann.

In 1999, George Grie had transformed his artistic carrier dramatically when he settled in Toronto, Canada, and studied the latest computer digital art applications. He becomes a professional Multimedia Graphic Design Artist and joins IBM Corporation as a lead new-media specialist. His prime interest now is in contemporary 2D & 3D digital art-design software, 3D Studio models and their applications. Applying his previous fine art experience and classical painting education in new digital projects brings him a compete freedom of self-expression.

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