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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Christmas Greeting cards Desing in Ai - Free x-mas card vector images.

Snap2Objects - 200+ Vector images from a variety of sets

iStock Free Vector of the Week Page - A free high quality vector file every week

Hydro 74 - 200+ free vector images in a variety of sets and styles

Vecteezy - 500+ images updated constantly. Sets and individual graphics

Vector Portal 90+ vectors in a ton of catagories

Spoon Graphics - A great blog that regularly has free vector files and great tutorials. - Huge collection of free vectors. Some are good, but theres a lot of crap too.

Gabrielle Magurno

Clipart-Design - A modern clip art company that sells vector clip art packs. Has a lot of good free samples. Great for logos.

NDesign Studio - Some really nice vector icon files from the designer that brought us the Web Design Wall. - Over 200 free vector files. tons of really great and really trendy vector files.

Design Fruit _ Some high quality free samples.

Go Media - If you havent already downloaded the free samples from Media Arsenl, what are you waiting for?

Zippaz - Mostly crap, but has a nice collection of vehical vector files.

Logo Templator - A bunch of random shapes that are great for jump starting your logo design.

Liquid City - 77 Vector buttoms for websites.

Vector Vault - 6 free sample vectors. Site is like smaller and not as cool Go Media.

jlw Design - Blog the regularly posts some really great free vector files. Well worth checking out.

Bitt Box - Ithink everyone already knows this website.

MyJKA - A bunch of free samples from a designer who create and sell vector files, shirt design, patterns, and more.

Magic People - Mostly junk, but some good vector files if you feel like taking the time to look through them.

All crdit in collecting this resources goes to outlawdesignblog

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