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Sunday, December 7, 2008

What is wix?

Wix is an online application that allows users to create and publish stunning Flash-based Web content the best part? Wix isn’t template-based, meaning you get to create an unrestrained design.
With Wix you don’t have to be a designer or programmer to create gorgeous Websites and embeddable Web objects. Wix’s drag & drop interface easily adds audio, video, images, text, animation, decoration, and so much more. Also, Wix can be published anywhere on social networks, blogs, stand-alone websites, etc.

Wix enable web designers and graphic designers to create amazing flash sites without the need to programing, it gives you the option to connect it to your domains and to remove Wix branding so it’s totally personalised and professional!

Also the best about wix is that there premium packages are really low compared to the market which make it very successful easy to deal with and in the same time proffesional.


Create your own free MySpace layouts

Now that you can avoid the whole coding-technical process and still get an awesome design you have all this extra time on your hands…Once you’ve logged in (it’s free to register with Wix if you haven’t already) you’re ready to get started and create your own free MySpace layouts. Choose the blank layout and click “edit”. It’s as simple as that…of course it helps if you have some ideas about the design. So here are some tips to creating your own Flash layouts from scratch:


  • Do Your Research & Get inspiration: Check out your favourite brands, art and bands. Check out your competition. Check out the Wix Gallery. What jumps out at you? What do you like and dislike? “Borrow” ideas you like – but be sure to make them even better! 
  • What is the purpose & Who is visiting? Think about your MySpace Profile. Who are you trying to attract? And what would you like them to do there? Download a song, read your blog, add you to their friend’s list…What do they think is cool? and what might they expect to find? These type of questions should guide your design decisions..learn more ..

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